Community Assessment of Needs (UI-CAN)

Community Assessment of Health Needs UI-CanUI Health is proud to share the 2022-2023 UI-CAN (UI Health-Community Assessment of Need) and 2023 Implementation Plan in fulfillment of our commitment to complete a tri-annual community health needs assessment and complementary plan. These reports identify and prioritize the health needs and contributory factors to health in the communities we serve and chart a plan to address these needs over the next 3 years. Through the UI-CAN and Implementation Plan, we create and guide strategy to improve the health of the communities we serve in accordance with our mission to advance healthcare for everyone through outstanding clinical care, education, research, and social responsibility.

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the 2023 UI-CAN Report / (34 pages, .pdf)

2023 UI-CAN Implementation Plan / (4 pages, .pdf)

Contribute to UI-CAN Directory of Community Initiatives and Programs

Contribute To UI-Can Directory of Community Initiatives and ProgramsWe invite students, staff, and faculty at UIC to submit descriptions of activities that address the social determinants of health, access to care, primary or secondary prevention of disease in Chicagoland communities. We may contact you to learn more about your program and how it can contribute to UI-CAN reports. We plan to make the information shared available to the public through reports and a self-service directory.

College Reports UIC Health Sciences College Community Program Inventories

View the efforts underway to address the three community health priority areas (listed below) as identified through the 2019 UI-CAN by the Health Sciences Colleges.

  1. Addressing social and structural determinants of health
  2. Improving access to care, community resources, and system improvements
  3. Primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease

View the College of Applied Health Sciences Community Program Inventory (3 pages, .pdf)
View the College of Dentistry Community Program Inventory (3 pages, .pdf)
View the College of Medicine Community Program Inventory (3 pages, .pdf)
View the College of Nursing Community Program Inventory (3 pages, .pdf)
View the College of Pharmacy Community Program Inventory (3 pages, .pdf)

View Past Reports and Plans