Resident/Fellow Forum

The Resident/Fellow Forum stands as a Sponsoring Institution-wide initiative, fostering open communication and information exchange among residents and fellows across various locations within the Sponsoring Institution. This platform aims to create opportunities for residents and fellows to share insights, best practices, and collectively address issues pertaining to patient care and the learning environment. Our overarching goal is to enhance the capabilities of residents and fellows in performing their patient care responsibilities and to enrich their learning experiences.

The meetings are open to all residents and fellows, facilitated by a peer-selected GMEC resident/fellow representative(s), and are coordinated by the GME office.  Residents and Fellows have the option to conduct the forum without leaders present and may request to present issues that arise at the forum to GMEC. 

If you wish to request to convene a Resident/Fellow Forum, please complete the Resident/Fellow Forum request form: