Resident/Fellow Representatives

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Graduate Medical Education Committee

The peer-selected resident and fellow representatives of the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) represent all residents and fellows in all programs. You may contact the resident and fellow members of the GMEC with any issues you feel need to be addressed by the Committee.

If you wish to request to convene a Resident/Fellow Forum, please complete the Resident/Fellow Forum request form:

Evan JameyfieldEvan Jameyfield, MD
Neurology, PGY3

I absolutely loved my interview with UIC last year as I was preparing for a residency in Neurology. From the residents to the neurology attendings, it was incredibly apparent that there was a culture of "family" at UIC. Training at a busy Level 1 Trauma Center in the great city of Chicago will allow extensive clinical training through the diverse patient population served by UIC. As a first year resident, I had the opportunity to serve as an "attending" at the medical student-run clinic that operates as a free clinic. I will also grow academically through the Neurology department's commitment to education and research. I am excited and honored to be a voice for the residents by serving on the Graduate Medical Education Committee. I am hopeful we will be able to implement policy changes that benefit both residents and patients! When I am not working in the hospital, I love exploring new areas in Chicago, playing basketball with my co-residents, spending time with my family, and date nights with my girlfriend!

Conner OlsenConner Olsen, MD
Internal Medicine, Chief

My name is Conner Olsen and I am a PGY-3 in the Department of Internal Medicine at UIH. Through my years as a medical student at UIC and now a resident, I've seen how the hospital and its residency programs operate. I am passionate about resident wellness, education, and engagement. As a member of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, I will look to build relationships with residents across programs and use our collective voice to advocate for positive change.

Dr. Morteza SadehMorteza Sadeh, MD, PhD
Neurological Surgery, PGY4

I completed my Bachelors and PhD degrees at York University in Toronto, Canada and my medical school at Chicago Medical School; and I am currently a PGY-3 resident in neurosurgery. Throughout my undergraduate, graduate and medical educations I had been involved in student leadership and governing bodies at various levels. At York university I was the vice president of student caucus at the faculty level, member of university’s Senate, representative of teaching assistants at the local union and faculty of graduate studies council, later in medical school I started a peer support group as well representing my class in the curriculum committee. Despite different roles and levels of involvement, my goal had been to improve the experience of my fellow students in curricular and extra-curricular activities and to reflect the point of view of those I represent in the decision making processes. I am passionate about training and education and I believe that the integration of a facilitating environment, solid curricular structure and reciprocal feedback are crucial components of a productive learning program.

Dr. Shivam VedakShivam Vedak, MD, MBA
Internal Medicine, PGY2

I have always been passionate about advocating for my peers in our collective drive for continual improvement. In fact, this was the primary reason I chose to get an MBA – to more effectively represent the physician voice through a greater understanding of administration. As a former UIC medical student, I had the pleasure of serving on both my class and student council executive boards, as well as on the clerkship oversight subcommittee. Not only have these roles given me experience in fulfilling responsibilities similar to those required of GMEC members, but they have also made me acutely aware of the institution-specific hurdles for enacting change at UIC. I hope to use my formal education and prior experience to successfully champion organizational change on behalf of all residents within the UI Health system.