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Employee Pride

Employees at UI Health Tell Us Why they Choose to work here

Nurses Tanya & Bryan know that UI Health is the best-kept secret in Chicago. They share why in their This is Personal video.


Fozia, RN, MSN, Tells Us Why She Chose UI Health

Cathy, Sr. Training and Development Specialist, Tells Us Why She Chose UI Health

John, Intraoperative Monitoring Specialist Supervisor, Tells Us Why He Chose UI Health
"The lives we affect extend beyond our city, our state, even this country. How could I work anywhere else?"

Ashley, Intraoperative Monitoring Specialist, Tells Us Why She Chose UI Health
"From the moment a patient leaves surgery to the second they're sent home, I'm changing medicine."

UI Health Employees! If you have would like to "Tell Us Your Why", please contact Marketing at UIHealthMktg@uic.edu and tell us why you choose UI Health.