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Brand Copy Guidelines

Please reference the following established guidelines when composing copy for any UI Health-related communications.


The UI Health name encompasses:

  • University of Illinois Hospital & Clinics
  • University of Illinois at Chicago health science colleges

UI Health on first reference.

University of Illinois Hospital or UI Hospital also acceptable if directly referring to the hospital. Do not use outdated names or acronyms.
Wrong: University of Illinois Medical Center, UIC Hospital, UIH, UIHHSS, UIMC

UI Health Logo Branding Guidelines can be viewed here. While branding illustrates the relationship with the University of Illinois at Chicago, UI Health remains the preferred patient-facing name.

Departments at UI Health

Department names go before full system name: the Department of Neurology at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, the Department of Neurology at UI Health.

Capitalize only when listed with a service line: The Department of Neurology at UI Health has 24 doctors. There are 24 doctors in the department.

Do not nest divisions or sections within a department.
Wrong: the Division of Transplantation in the Department of Surgery at UI Health
Right: the Division of Transplantation at UI Health

Do not abbreviate.
Wrong: The Dept. of Neurology

UI Health Centers, Clinics, Institutes, Programs

There are several entities within the UI Health system that have unique titles that comply with The Joint Commission standards and are approved to use in marketing communications, but in general follow the guidelines below. Use full names on first references and include applicable acronyms in parentheses. Follow guidelines below. Other unique names must be approved by Marketing.

Children’s Hospital University of Illinois (CHUI)

CHUI acceptable on second reference.

Mile Square Health Center (MSHC)

Include location name on first reference if referring to a specific center: Mile Square Health Center – Humboldt Park. Mile Square or MSHC acceptable on second reference. Mile Square Health Centers or Mile Square Health Center locations in plural value.
Wrong: Mile Squares

Outpatient Care Center (OCC)

OCC acceptable on second reference.


A Center is a location (front door) that involves multiple specialists and services.
Examples: Outpatient Care Center, Mile Square Health Center, Craniofacial Center, Advanced Imaging Center


A Clinic is a location that involves services for a single specialty or multiple specialties. In some cases, the service for a single specialty may be offered at more than one location. 
Examples: Ophthalmology Clinic, Adulty Psychiatry Clinic, Traveler’s Health & Immunization Clinic


An Institute is a location that combines clinical care, research, and education on a single specialty.
Examples: Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute, Chicago Institute for Voice Care (at UI Health)


A Program is an organizational grouping (virtual) for a specialty service or a service associated with an outside entity.
Examples: Kidney Transplant Program, Liver Transplant Program, UI Health Cancer Program, UI Health IDOC Telemedicine Program

UIC Health Science Colleges

Use UIC on first reference with to the seven Chicago-based health science colleges:
• UIC College of Applied Health Sciences
• UIC College of Dentistry
• UIC College of Medicine
• UIC College of Nursing
• UIC College of Pharmacy
• UIC School of Public Health
• UIC Jane Addams College of Social Work

UIC can be dropped on second reference.