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Marketing Requests

Marketing & Strategic Communications will help your department or program create assets and messaging that positively elevates and promotes your services, events, and other awareness activities while maintaining UI Health brand standards.

Before we begin every project, we will analyze all elements of your marketing request — including audience, budget, timeline — to ensure we embark on the most effective way to accomplish your objectives.  

Digital Services

Digital Marketing helps you connect with audiences through content, advertising, and other strategies on digital channels like websites, including search engines and social media, email, and smartphone apps.  

Digital Signage / Lobby TV Screens

Internal Communications

Internal Communications channels help you spread awareness on upcoming events, new initiatives and policies, educational campaigns, and more.  

Location Signage

Marketing & Strategic Communications helps service lines and programs create consistent and unified messaging for their clinics, wayfinding, and other needs that elevates the UI Health brand. Note: click here for Digital Sigange Requests


Photography tells the story of UI Health and the amazing work we do here every day, and we look at each photo as an opportunity to continue to tell our story.  

Printed Materials

Marketing & Strategic Communications develops and produces materials that effectively deliver messaging that engages and connects with patients, their families, and UI Health providers and staff. Our print design services include brochures, flyers, handbooks, newsletters, posters, and more.

Translation Services

Our team assists clients with securing certified and quality assured translation services for marketing materials in a variety of languages to help meet the needs of our diverse patient population. If your department needs translation services for other materials such as clinical documents, patient information, call center scripting, telephone prompts, or other types of documents, you can submit a request through Language Support Services (internal link/netid required).


Marketing & Strategic Communications can help you use video to bring to life the stories of our patients and healthcare providers. With video, we can touch emotions, build trust, and create connections between UI Health and our patient community.