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Strategy & Brand Management

Marketing and Communications is a strategic arm of UI Health, and we take pride in working with internal and external clients to achieve goals by showing measurable results. When we begin a marketing campaign or communications plan, we first dive into market research and analytics. This includes working SWOTT sessions (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends), surveys, and competitor analyses. From there, we look at the business goals and objectives and target audiences, so that we can formulate the best strategy to achieve the desired results.

As healthcare becomes more consumer-centric, and as customers continue to have more choice, our marketing team continually develops innovative tactics for executing plans. We can provide strategic direction on the following:

  • Internal and external marketing and communication plans, including crisis communications
  • Service line marketing campaigns
  • Brand campaigns
  • Employee and physician engagement
  • Customer engagement
  • Advertising
  • Promotional work
  • Community events

Brand Management
Our job is to make sure that the culture and essence of UI Health is accurately reflected across all marketing pieces. Our clients have heard us say it time and time again: “A brand is not a logo.” It truly is the essence of the organization. The UI Health brand — whether conveyed through a phone call, a patient pamphlet, or a web page — is how we interact with people. We work to make sure these touch points and the experience all are integrated seamlessly. Working from a well-defined set of brand standards, we set out to develop collateral that stands out, messaging that is consistently smart, and customer experiences that deliver upon a brand’s identity at every turn. Our branding services include:

  • Brand profile development
  • Brand positioning
  • Identity systems

Community Relations

We are committed to improving health and wellness of the communities we serve. As part of our social responsibility, Community Relations focuses on addressing community-health needs and priorities through education, events, and prevention screenings. We collaborate with community leaders, cultivate long-term partnerships, and leverage our healthcare expertise to improve the lives of our neighbors. Our services include:

  • Community Relations Event Support
  • Action Planning
  • Engagement Activities
  • Physician Awareness and Promotion
  • And more! Click here to learn more.

Service Line Campaigns & Communications

Service Line Campaigns
We are passionate about our mission to provide marketing solutions that help our patients and community establish relationships with our physicians and understand the incredible services UI Health offers. To help our clients grow their service lines and hone their messages, we develop strategic plans for fully integrated marketing campaigns that measure and track growth and return on investment. Our integrated marketing campaign strategies include:

  • Research and strategic planning, including benchmarking and tracking 
  • Advertising research, planning, and media buys
  • Television, radio, print, and out-of-home advertising
  • Television appearances, including traditional and paid media
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Direct marketing, including direct mail, email, and customer relationship management

Marketing Communications Strategy
Effective communication requires a mutual understanding of needs, wants, and desires. We believe in communicating to the audience in the way that they want to receive information, and we pride ourselves on understanding our audiences in order to provide the information they need. Our marketing team creates internal and external communications with the goal of breaking down silos, promoting goals, and bringing people together. Our communications services include:

  • Communications and messaging strategy
  • Communications design and production, including emails, signs, posters, photos, videos, animations, and more
  • Employee engagement

Digital Solutions

We create exceptional digital experiences that inform and influence our patients and employees. Our digital specialists execute projects with a holistic approach: We collaborate on strategy, lead design and development, and support the project beyond its go-live date. We continually refine best practices to deliver the right solutions for desktop and mobile platforms. Our digital services include:


  • Integrated marketing solutions
  • Website & mobile app development
  • Patient & stakeholder research
  • Peer review & benchmarking

Design & Development

  • Interaction & visual design
  • Information architecture
  • Usability testing
  • Project management


  • Content strategy
  • Writing & editing
  • Spanish translation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Beyond Go-Live

  • Search and social marketing
  • Measurement & analytics
  • Ongoing support & maintenance
  • Iterative/agile enhancements

Social Media

We leverage the latest technologies to tell stories, promote our mission, influence our patient audience, engage employees, and connect with healthcare organizations around the globe. Our content experts rely on the latest social marketing practices to create and deliver the right message on the right platform for maximum impact. Be sure to follow UI Health on social media, and consider the resources for promoting your next project:


  • News & events
  • Photos & videos
  • Awareness campaigns


  • Professional announcements
  • Published work & research
  • Awards, designations, and certifications


  • Location information & promotion
  • Provider reviews & ratings


  • Media appearances
  • Patient stories
  • Awareness campaigns


We use design to connect with our patients, their families, and fellow employees. Our award-winning creative teams collaborate with marketing managers, content experts, and healthcare providers to ensure all creative work follows design strategy and is tailored to each target audience. Our design services include:


  • Brochures
  • Campaigns
  • Flyers
  • Handbooks
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Posters


  • Mobile apps
  • Email newsletters
  • Screensavers
  • Websites


Photography tells the story of UI Health and the amazing work we do here every day, and we look at each photo as an opportunity to continue to tell our story. Whether it’s something as simple as an employee headshot or a documentary photo of a patients receiving world-class treatment, all photos get the professional treatment. All photos are taken with full-frame, professional-grade DSLRs and light kits. During post-production, all images are color-calibrated and retouched before being distributed and archived on the UI Health Photo Library.

Video Production

We bring to life the stories of our patients and healthcare providers. Each video project begins with a development meeting to discuss objectives and requirements, followed by pre-production, which includes creation of storyboards and scripts, and equipment and location preparation. Post-production editing, sound design, and rendering and encoding ensures the final video is best formatted for each channel of distribution. The result is a final product that touches emotions, builds trust, and creates connections between UI Health and our patient community.