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Celebrating Black History Month at UI Health

Rani Morrison: The Importance of Black History Month and Her Experiences

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Feb. 1 marks the beginning of the commemoration of Black History Month.

UI Health's John Epting talks about what Black History means to him and how he shares the traditions he partakes in to celebrate and reflect on African American culture.

Carter G. Woodson is credited as the "Father of Black History Month." Woodson was a scholar dedicated to celebrating the historic contributions and achievements of African Americans. Woodson's devotion to African American history resulted in the creation of Negro History Week in 1926, which in 1976 would become Black History Month.

At UI Health, we are taking the opportunity to spotlight our staff, who will share in videos the ways they celebrate Black History Month. We also are featuring information on historical Black figures at UI Health and the University of Illinois Chicago. Rani Morrison, Chief Diversity & Community Health Equity Officer, explains that she is excited that "we are constantly writing Black History... We are still accomplishing phenomenal things in the history books and creating new pathways for others to follow."

UI Health's Erica Harris talks about what Black History means to her and her love of being immersed in an institution that serves a multicultural patient population and working with diverse cultures.

Morrison also describes her hopes for UI Health as it implements further diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives: "I hope that we all embrace change, we are willing to take an honest look at ourselves and our contributions... as individuals and an organization."

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