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Women’s History Month

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

According to multiple reports and measures, women make up the vast majority of healthcare workers in the United States. UI Health is proud to celebrate and support women throughout their careers and across the spectrum of women's healthcare. In keeping with the theme of women "who tell our stories," three members of our UI Health community share their own unique stories as staff, leaders, and clinicians.    

Even as we celebrate, we must also acknowledge and advocate around gender gaps that continue to persist. While women are 70% of the healthcare workforce, a recent JAMA Network Open study found that only 15% of healthcare CEOs are women. In 2021 the Government Accountability Office reported that women earned 82 cents for every dollar men earn---when analyzed by race and ethnicity, Hispanic women make 58 cents for every dollar White men make, and Black women make 63 cents for every dollar White men make. Gender bias and discrimination continue to impact women in a variety of areas, from career progression to including care—often tied to outdated stereotypes. 

As we acknowledge women and women identified during this month, we also highlight the need to continue to practice inclusivity and be intentional with support. Plan to put your inclusivity into practice by:  

Expose: Take moments this month to be visibly supportive of women around you. Be bold, be vulnerable, and be challenging to stereotypical assumptions. Commit to practice allyship in a way that discloses your support of women exists.  

Experience: We don't all need an audience or a PowerPoint deck to learn. Experience is known as the best teacher. Commit to looking for teaching moments in everyday experiences. Be present with insights from your women colleagues and patients that may be hidden within daily interactions.   

Empathize: When we develop our practice in empathy, we only increase our capacity to deliver quality care.

Click here to check out "Ally Bingo" to identify ways to improve your allyship with women!