Insurance, Billing Practices & Payment Policy

The University of Illinois Hospital participates in most insurance plans. Your insurance will be billed for the medical services we provide to you. Please let us know if any of your insurance information changes.

You will be billed for services that are not covered by your insurance and any remaining balances after our plan pays the claim. You are responsible for payment.

Copayments and Deposits:

  • Health plans expect us to collect copayments at the time of service.
  • A deposit is required for uninsured patients. The amount required varies depending on the type and location of service. When you schedule an appointment, please ask the customer service representative for the amount of the deposit required.
  • The Financial Case Management Unit (312.413.7621) is available to assist patients with Medicaid and Social Security benefit applications.

Many of our outpatient offices bill for services as "provider based" clinics. There are several clinics from which you could receive a hospital bill as well as a doctor bill. This means you will receive either:

  • A single bill from the hospital that contains charges for the professional services provided by your doctor and the facility fee charged by the hospital


  • Separate bills: one from your doctor's billing service for professional fees and one from the hospital for the facility charges

Many insurance plans pay for healthcare services provided in a hospital clinic differently than they pay for a private doctor's office. Your plan may have different deductible and coinsurance requirements for a hospital clinic than a doctor's office.

Please check with your insurance company or your employer's benefits office if you have questions about your plan's coverage for provider based clinic charges.

For additional information about our financial services, billing, and payment policies,
please visit this Patient Tools link.