Genetic Counseling and Testing

UI Health offers advanced genetic counseling and testing procedures to detect inherited factors and gene mutations that increase the risk for developing certain types of cancers, diseases, and other disorders.

Genetic counseling can be beneficial for those who want to know about their family history and risk for certain diseases. There could be many reasons to consider genetic counseling.

The certified genetic counselors at UI Health are medical providers that have specialized training in helping patients better understand if genetic testing is right for them, and they will help patients make decisions about their healthcare.

Genetic counselors support patients seeking more information about their risk for genetic diseases and cancers, including:

  • How family and medical histories may impact the chance of developing a disease or genetic condition and how that might affect you and/or other family members
  • Which genetic tests may or may not be right for them, and what those tests can and cannot tell them about their health
  • What a genetic test result may mean for their risk of developing a disease and how that may change their medical management
  • How to make the most informed choices in being proactive in personalizing their healthcare