Services for Patients

We offer a number of cancer-related support services to help patients and their families navigate the challenges that are presented during cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, or the risk of inherited cancer and other cancer-related situations.


Certain genetic predispositions can indicate that an individual is at greater risk of inheriting a particular type of cancer. As a result, certain screenings, exams, or preventative behaviors be necessary. Our Familial Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Unit and Familial Breast Cancer Clinic help guide patients who may be at a high risk for GI or breast cancers.

Fertility Preservation 

For women who hope for pregnancy after cancer treatment or another illness that impairs fertility, our multidisciplinary teams of fertility specialists are here to help with advanced fertility treatments, including embryo, egg, and ovarian tissue freezing. UI Health is at the forefront of research in understanding the most successful manners of fertility preservation.

Pain Management

Cancer treatment and its side effects are often unpleasant and can cause discomfort and pain. Our cancer doctors work closely with specialists in the Interventional Pain Clinic to develop pain-management treatments that provide comfort and care with minimal intervention.

Supportive Care Services

Also known as palliative care, supportive care can assist in making decisions about long-term care, treatment, and prognosis. This may help reduce anxiety in patients and family members, as a plan of care can be established, and a team of physicians, nurses, and social workers (and, often, a chaplain) are involved in continuing treatment. In addition to providing comfort for the patient, supportive care is an opportunity to deal with the physical and emotional changes that come with prolonged illness and to provide an outlet to express this with the patients' best interests at heart.

Cancer Supportive Services Patient Directory

A directory and a guide for self-empowerment. When cancer enters your life unexpectedly, it feels like it changes everything. It takes a grip over your life. However, your life is so much more than cancer. This directory contains all oncology supportive services offered at UI Health. To help provide as much support and services as we can to help you achieve health, strength, happiness, and peace. The directory is available in additional languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services are provided on a volunteer basis to help meet spiritual needs, to listen, to read holy scriptures, to pray, and provide comfort.

Social Work and Psychosocial Services

Our licensed clinical social workers provide support navigating the dynamics that surround receiving healthcare, including but not limited to adjusting to illness, substance abuse, psychiatric symptoms and disorders, family and relationship issues, financial limitations and insurance, and social support .


The Survivorship Program ensures your whole health is considered by working to minimize the negative consequences of cancer and cancer treatments. We provide patients with the resources they need to help them continue living a full life during and after their cancer care.

Pediatric Survivorship

The Childhood Cancer Clinic provides comprehensive evaluations and care to survivors of childhood cancers. Our Pediatric Hematology/Oncology is the world-leading pediatric cancer research group in the world.

Wellness House

The Cancer Center has partnered with Wellness House to provide programs and classes to help support the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families. Wellness House believes in providing care for the whole person offering free exercise, nutrition, information about cancer, stress management and support groups to people with cancer, their families and loved ones. All programs at the Wellness House are FREE for those affected by cancer. Visit Wellness House for more information or to register for programs.

Visit the University of Illinois Cancer Center to learn more about available patient resources.