Clinical Decision Unit

The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) at UI Health is a designated area within the hospital that allow our providers to monitor and evaluate the medical condition of patients who do not meet criteria for inpatient admission but are not well enough to go home without require further observation. This new unit, also referred to as an observation unit, marks UI Health’s ongoing effort to improve patient experience by centralizing care for patients.

While in the CDU, patients will be regularly assessed by a multidisciplinary care team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and other clinical professionals. After providing all necessary diagnostic tests, medications, and therapies, physicians will usually be able to make a decision about admitting the patient to the hospital or discharging them within one day, though patients may sometimes be required to stay in the observation unit for up to 48 hours. Since patients in the CDU receive a rapid workup, they generally:

  • Spend less time in the hospital
  • Go home sooner
  • Result in a less expensive bill

Outpatient observation stay is billed as outpatient services. Insurance copays and deductibles, along with any additional costs, will be determined by the patient’s insurance policy terms. Please contact your insurance provider to better understand the implications of being placed into the CDU.


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