How to Breastfeed

Babies use their lips, gums, and tongue to suckle (take milk from the breast). Your baby is born with an instinct for suckling — you can support your baby's natural instincts.

Offering your breast

Offering Your Breast

Hold your breast with your thumb on top and fingers underneath. Gently touch your nipple to your baby's lips. When you see your baby open her mouth wide, quickly bring the baby to your breast and take slow, deep breaths. This will help the milk flow.

Latching On

Turn the baby's entire body toward you, with her nose and chin against the breast. Be sure your baby's tongue is under your nipple. The nipple and as much as possible of the areola (the dark ring around your nipple) should be in your baby's mouth. If a latch pinches or hurts, gently release and try again.

Latching on

Relesing the latch

Releasing the Latch

Slip your finger into the corner of your baby's mouth. Don't take the baby off your breast until you've felt a decrease in suction.