Your Pregnancy Overview


Weeks Number of pre-natal visits What to expect during your visit
First trimester (1–3 months) Weeks 1–12 1 visit per month (every 4 weeks) Your first prenatal care visit will be much longer than most of your other visits. Your provider will ask you questions about your health history and order blood tests. A nuchal translucency (NT) measurement (using ultrasound) and blood work will be offered at 11 to 13 weeks.  
Second trimester (4–6 months) Weeks 13–27 2 visits per month (every 2–3 weeks) These visits will be focused and shorter. Blood tests and an ultrasound will be ordered. Additional blood testing, such as a quad screen or alpha fetoprotein (AFP), may be offered at 15 to 18 weeks. An ultrasound will be done between 18 and 22 weeks.
Third trimester (7–9 months) Weeks 28–40 1 visit per week These visits will focus on preparation for labor and delivery, in addition to your healthcare after birth.