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Preparing For Your Virtual Visit

Preparing for Your Telehealth Visit

Our clinic staff is reaching out to patients in advance of appointments to discuss specific options for a telehealth visit. If you would like to schedule a telehealth appointment, call 866.600.2273.

The platform used to conduct your virtual appointment has enhanced security and maintains all applicable HIPPA and regulatory requirements to safely access, store, process and transmit your personal health information.

Before Your Visit Before Your Visit:

  • If you are new patient please review our Consent for Treatment & Authorization page before your appointment.
  • Make a list of concerns and questions for your provider and collect your medications/prescriptions including requested refills, if available.
  • Collect available health information (e.g., blood pressure, weight, fluids) and locate relevant test results and imaging, if available.
  • Connect your device to a power source.
  • Connect via either a wired or Wi-Fi internet connection, if available.
  • Close any unnecessary programs and applications before you start your appointment.
  • Update your device regularly to help the performance and compatibility of your device.
  • Know where your volume control is so you can adjust the volume to your liking or mute/unmute your speakers.

Day of your Visit Day of your Visit:

  • Follow the instructions provided at time of scheduling and join the session at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Your provider will join you within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time
  • Contact the clinic if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment

During your Visit During your Visit:

  • Sit at least three feet back from the camera
  • Sit in a well-lit area, have your shades drawn, and avoid backlighting
  • Look at the camera when you are speaking
  • Keep background noise to a minimum by closing doors and windows nearby.  Turn off the TV and radio.
  • Silence your cellphone before starting the appointment

Having issues connecting?

See below for detailed instructions.

If you need additional information on how to perform some of the steps described in the above instructions:  

Desktop Computer (windows):

For iPhones/iPads:

For Android Devices: