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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions


Q What is a virtual visit?
A Virtual visits give patients an option to receive high-quality care from their healthcare team over video call instead of traveling to be seen in person

Q What type of visits can be seen virtually?
A Most non-emergent medical concerns can be seen virtually. Please contact 866.600.2273 to discuss if your visit can be completed virtually.

Q Who can have a virtual visit?
Only Illinois residents can have a virtual visit with their UI Health provider. A scheduling representative and your doctor can let you know if a virtual visit is right for you. 

Q What are the benefits of a virtual visit?

  • Receive high-quality patient care from the comfort of your home, work or any other private location
  • Avoid taking a day off from work with convenient appointment times
  • Save the costs of traveling and paying for parking

Q What age of patient can be seen with a virtual visit?
A All ages of patients can be seen via a virtual visit. Parents or Guardians of minors may join the virtual visit.

Q Will my regular healthcare provider be on the virtual visit?
A Most UI Health providers are available for virtual visits. If you would like to see a specific member of your healthcare team, please contact 866.600.CARE.

Q How long does a virtual visit take?
A The length of your virtual visit appointment depends on the healthcare provider and reason for scheduling. Time estimates will be available when scheduling your appointment.

Q Can I receive prescriptions from my virtual visit?
A Yes. After your virtual visit, all prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice. Non-urgent refills and prescription renewals may also be requested through MyChart.  If you are not enrolled in MyChart, click here to register

Q How can I schedule a virtual visit?
A Please contact 866.600.CARE to schedule a virtual visit.

Q Do I need a referral for this visit?
A A referral may be required when you see a provider other than your Primary Care Provider for medical care. The need for a referral will be based on your insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance carrier for information regarding referral requirements.


Q Is there anything I need to do before my virtual visit?
A Please have the following information available near your phone or computer before your virtual visit:

  • Make a list of concerns and questions for your provider
  • Collect your medications/prescriptions including requested refills, if available
  • Collect available health information (e.g., blood pressure, blood glucose readings, weight) and locate relevant test results and imaging, if available

Q How should I prepare my space for my virtual visit?
A Before your Visit:

  • Connect your device to a power source
  • Connect via either a wired or Wi-Fi internet connection, if available
  • Close any unnecessary programs and applications before you start your appointment
  • Update your device regularly to help the performance and compatibility of your device
  • Know where your volume control is so you can adjust the volume to your liking or mute/unmute your speakers

During your Visit:

  • Sit at least 3 feet back from the camera
  • Sit in a well-lit area, have your shades drawn, and avoid backlighting
  • Look at the camera when you are speaking
  • Keep background noise to a minimum by closing doors and windows nearby
  • Silence your cellphone before starting the appointment

Q What can I expect the day of my virtual visit?
A On the day of your visit, please follow the instructions provided at time of scheduling and be available for your visit at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Your provider will join you within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time. Please contact the clinic if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Visit Follow Ups

Q How can I get in touch with my physician after my virtual visit?
A Direct communication with your healthcare care team is available through MyChart.  If you are not enrolled in MyChart, click here to register

Q How do I get my after-visit summary?
A Your after-visit summary is available through MyChart.  If you are not enrolled in MyChart, click here to register.


Q How much does it cost?
A Virtual visit costs may change by type of visit and insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance carrier for information on cost-sharing. The phone number should be located directly on your insurance card.

Q Why is my cost-sharing the same for an in clinic visit and a virtual visit?
A The cost-sharing is based on your insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance carrier for information on cost-sharing. The phone number should be located directly on your insurance card.

Q Will I be billed for this virtual visit
A Please be aware that these visits will be billed to your insurance carrier and you will be responsible for any co-payments or deductible based on your insurance coverage just as if you had come into the office.

Q If I am uninsured, how much will I owe for a telehealth visit?
A The minimum amount due is $84. If you elect to proceed, you will be billed based on the types of services that you will receive.


Q What should I do if I am having trouble connecting to my visit?
A If you experience unexpected technical issues at the start of the appointment, please contact the clinic. To avoid unexpected technical issues, please test your internet and video connection prior to the appointment.

Q Will I need to use my cellular data?
A. If you are using a cell phone and are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, performing video visits will use cellular data. You can avoid this by connecting to a wireless network.

Q How will my privacy be protected?
A Just like a face-to-face appointment, your virtual video appointment will be private and confidential. Your virtual video appointment uses industry standard SSL/TLS encryption to enhance security of electronic data transmissions. Our virtual platforms will maintain all applicable HIPAA and other regulatory requirements to the extent that it has access to, or otherwise stores, processes, or transmits PHI (Personal Health Information).