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Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders

UI Health’s expert care teams are committed to advancing treatments and diagnoses for a variety of neurological conditions, including seizures. Patients who have two or more seizures may be diagnosed with epilepsy. UI Health’s skilled epileptologists and specialized neurosurgeons are here to care for you. 

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

The Epilepsy Program at UI Health is a team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, and nurses highly specialized in the management of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disease, affecting as many as one in 26 people in their lifetime. It is a chronic disorder, the hallmark of which is recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Many people with epilepsy may have more than one type of seizure, and the specific diagnosis of the epilepsy type depends on type of seizure experienced, age of onset of seizures, genetic history, and possible presence of brain lesions. Seizures are classified by where they begin in the brain. The two types of seizures are referred to as generalized and localized. 

Accredited Level 4 Epilepsy Center

UI Health is accredited as a Level 4 Epilepsy Center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers for expertise in evaluating, monitoring, and treating patients with complex epilepsy.

Women with Epilepsy

Our program also offers a dedicated clinic for women with epilepsy, led by Dr. Anna Serafini. Epilepsy in women brings many issues that need to be addressed and discussed: Epilepsy and seizure drugs may affect birth control, hormone levels, and the female reproductive cycle, and seizures and medications also can have an effect on pregnancy. Dr. Serafini works closely with patients’ primary care physicians and OB/GYNs to provide comprehensive care for all women with epilepsy. 

Experts in Diagnosis, Treatment & Monitoring 

Our Epilepsy Team works together to provide individualized treatment and management plans for every patient.

Diagnosis: Our team of experts works and collaborates to provide timely diagnosis for every patient.

Treatment: At UI Health, we offer various treatments from medication and surgical treatment to lifestyle changes. Our goal is to provide our patients with treatment options that best fit their individual needs and result in the best outcomes possible.

Monitoring: State-of-the-art technology allows our team of epilepsy specialists to monitor a patient’s brain activity and body movements to provide the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes epileptologists — neurologists who specialize in treating epilepsy and seizure disorders — functional neurosurgeons, clinical nurses, neuropsychologists, and electroencephalogram (EEG) technologists. Our team is committed to providing excellent care for patients with seizures, developing a comprehensive treatment plan that manages patients’ symptoms, and improves their quality of life.


Featured Provider Anna Serafini

Meet the Director

Dr. Anna Serafini is the medical director of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at UI Health. Dr. Serafini specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and seizures. Her clinical interests and research focuses are on identifying the source of a patient’s seizures, and epilepsy surgery. Dr. Serafini also has a particular interest in women’s epilepsy issues, including contraception complications and the management of seizures and antiepileptic medications during pregnancy. Her expertise in the treatment of complicated and drug-resistant epilepsy includes training in Italy and France.

Our Services

The UI Health Epilepsy Center offers extensive services to help patients diagnose, treat and monitor seizures and seizure disorders like epilepsy. This includes:

  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Inpatient EEG
  • ECoG
  • Functional MRI
  • MRI
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Outpatient EEG
  • PET
  • Robotic/Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
  • Surgical Treatment for Epilepsy
  • Vagus-nerve implantation surgery
  • Wada

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