Occupational Medicine Services for Industry

We provide specialized physician and nursing services to corporations in the Chicago area. We understand workers' compensation, OSHA reporting, and are dedicated to rapid return to work of injured employees.

Occupational & Environmental Medicine Consultations

We provide evaluation, diagnosis and management of occupational and environmental injuries and diseases, such as: asthma, allergies, asbestosis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, and low back pain. We specialize in identifying the cause of the conditions for medical legal purposes and prevention.

Workers' Compensation

We provide work-related healthcare for Illinois workers and are the experts in occupational health and safety. Our clients include numerous public- and private-sector employers.

Medical Advisorships

Part time board certified faculty physician advisors provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for meeting corporate medical needs. Our corporate partners enjoy the confidential individualized advice of a single physician with the backup of our entire group.

Workplace Medical Surveillance and Screening

We provide an array of routine medical testing and OSHA mandated examinations for employees working with hazardous materials or working in industrial environments.

Independent Medical Evaluations

We provide independent medical evaluations/examination regarding injury causation, disability, capacity, future medical needs among other.

Physical Examination and medical evaluations for employers and employees

We provide commercial driver’s (DOT) examinations, fitness for duty physicals, return to work physicals, as well as post offer/pre-employment exams.   

Drug testing and Medical Review officer services

We offer both DOT (regulated) and unregulated drug and alcohol test collection and screening services as well as medical review officer (MRO) services.

Traveler Health Services and Vaccinations

Same day pre- and post-travel advice, vaccination, and medical assessment is offered to meet all US or international requirements. We also provide employer related vaccination services and employer on-site vaccinations services

Health in the Arts

Our medical specialists address the special risks that performance and graphics artists face from exposures to toxic materials and hazardous physical conditions to injuries and repetitive motions disorders.

University Health Services (UHS)

UHS provides occupational health services for the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System employees, the University of Illinois employees , volunteers, and students (if exposed or injured as part of the student curriculum). Services include new hire assessments, drug testing, work ability assessments, fitness for duty assessments, worker injury assessments, medical surveillance evaluations, travel evaluations, and student vaccinations.


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For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 312.996.7420.