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UI TEAM RXsm provides pharmacy based care coordination. We assist in taking care of your pharmacy needs throughout your treatment.

UI TEAM RXsm has three goals:
• Keep you safe
• Help you take your medications the right way during treatment
• Lower your out-of-pocket healthcare costs

To achieve these goals we use:

Coordinated Medication Synchronization: The pharmacy team works with you to fill all your medications together on one day for pick up.

Medication Reconciliation: Your medications may change from time to time. We look at your hospital, clinic, and pharmacy record and work with you to put together a current list of your medications at the time of visit.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM): We work with you and your doctor or nurse to prevent or take care of any medication problems. We enter information in your health record to help your UI Health care providers take care of you.

Disease State Management (DSM): Our pharmacy team partners with you to help you manage your medications so you can reach your treatment goals.

Who is UI TEAM RXsm for?

Patients with long term diseases and/or many medications are already part of UI TEAM RXsm. We also work with you if you need help managing your medications.

How do I sign up for UI TEAM RXsm ?

You do not have to sign up! If you have certain medications that you pick up every month, you are already part of UI TEAM RXsm. You may opt out at any time. Speak to our pharmacy staff for more information.

Which pharmacies have UI TEAM RXsm?

Mile Square Health Center Pharmacy: 312.413.1767
Outpatient Care Center Pharmacy: 312.996.9058
Taylor Street Pharmacy: 312.996.6540
University Village Pharmacy: 312.355.2345
Wood Street Pharmacy: 312.996.6887

What if I have questions?

Call our pharmacy staff at one of the phone numbers listed above.