UIC Student Services

UIC Student Preferred Pharmacies

We have two student pharmacies that specialize in student's prescription needs. Please click on one of the following pharmacies for more information:

We are the designated pharmacies for CampusCare, UIC's student health benefit program, and for prescriptions covered under the UIC Health Service Fee.

The UIC Health Service Fee is a mandatory fee that is charged along with your tuition. This fee is NOT a part of the CampusCare program. The fee provides pharmacy coverage for some drugs, such as:

  • Birth control
  • Emergency contraception
  • Medications for short-term ailments

For a full list of the medications covered under the Health Service Fee, please see the Student Health Formulary.

FAQs for UIC Students.

For more information, please call UVP (312.355.2345) or SCB Pharmacy (312.996.6540).