FAQs for UIC Students

1. I am a UIC student. Where can I get my prescriptions filled on the main Chicago campus?

3. Who can get prescriptions filled at these locations?

  • UIC students, UI Health patients and UIC employees.

2. When are the pharmacies open?

  • UVP: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
  • SCB Pharmacy: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

    4. How do I get a prescription filled at one of the student Pharmacy locations?

    • New Prescriptions: Your prescriber should electronically send the prescription to our pharmacies (preferred) or you can physically bring the paper prescription to the pharmacy.
    • We accept new prescriptions from prescribers outside the UI Health system if you are a UIC student.
    • We can transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy. Some controlled substance limitations may apply. Please call us.
    • Transferring a prescription FROM an outside TO UVP or SCB:
      • Call UVP (312.355.2345) or SCB pharmacy (312.996.6540) and ask us to transfer the prescription from the outside pharmacy.
    • Transferring a prescription FROM a UIC pharmacy TO an outside pharmacy:
      • Instruct the outside pharmacy to call the UIC Pharmacy directly.

    5. How much will my prescription cost?

    • Medication costs and co-pays will vary depending on the prescription and your insurance coverage.
    • Provide your UIN or I-card, and your prescription insurance card to the pharmacy staff. 

    6. What types of prescription insurance plans are accepted at UVP and SCB pharmacy?

      • CampusCare: Using our in-network pharmacies (UVP and SCB) with CampusCare helps with your out-of-pocket expenses. Please visit CampusCare Benefits for more information.
      • We accept most commercial insurance plans and Illinois Medicaid. Please call us or stop by to confirm coverage.

      7. I see a UIC Health Service Fee charged with my tuition, what pharmacy benefits are covered?

      • All UIC Students pay a Health Services Fee which covers a limited set of medications provided only UVP and SCB Pharmacy at no additional cost to the student. $0 copay.
      • Drug list includes: Birth control, emergency contraception and other medications for acute illnesses. View the Student Health Fee Drug Formulary for a complete list. Quantity limits may apply.

      8. Is birth control & emergency contraception available at the UVP and SCB pharmacy locations?

      9. If am unable able to come to one of the pharmacies, how can I access emergency contraception when I am off-campus?

      • Emergency contraception is available at all retail pharmacies because a prescription is not required, it is Over-The-Counter (OTC).
      • Emergency contraception can be found under a variety of names: Plan B One Step, Take Action, My Way, Option 2, Preventeza, AfterPill, My Choice, Aftera, EContra, and others.
      • To help decrease the cost of emergency contraception, ask the retail pharmacist for options or coupons. If you have a prescription, your insurance may cover it 100%.

      10. Do you offer UIC student discounts?

      • Yes, we offer a 10% discount on over-the-counter items in the pharmacy. We carry a wide selection of items, including saline solution, toothpaste, cough and cold items, pain relievers, first aid items, and more.

      11. Can I pick up my prescription while I wait or the same day?

      • Yes. If we have the medication in stock, we will fill your prescription while you wait.

      12. Can I get flu shots and other immunizations at the pharmacy?

      • Yes. Under CampusCare, the flu shot and the pertussis vaccine cost is 100% covered.
      • Ask us for more details regarding other immunizations, sometimes it is best if you make an appointment with Family Medicine Center to receive your immunizations.