Prosthetic Training

Our physical therapists specialize in treating patients with lower-limb amputations for both pre-prosthetic and prosthetic training. Our team takes an interdisciplinary approach to ensure our patients receive the best rehabilitation after a lower-limb amputation. Therapists collaborate closely with prosthetists and physiatrists to maximize results. Our clinic is conveniently located in the same office area as prosthetists at the Scheck and Siress Clinic at UI Health, which uniquely makes the interdisciplinary approach a reality.

During the pre-prosthetic training period, our therapists guide patients towards reaching goals to maximize independence and prepare the limb for prosthetics. Interventions during the pre-prosthetic training period include therapeutic exercise, range of motion, assistive device training, wheel chair mobility, residual-limb shaping, soft-tissue mobilization, and positioning. Once the residual limb has reached a steady size and has fully healed, patients work with their physical therapist and a prosthetist to reach their ultimate goals of independence with their new prosthesis.