Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Patients Who Regain Weight After Initial Gastric Bypass Now Have Options

Have you started to regain weight after initial success from Gastric Bypass Surgery? Over time, for many Gastric Bypass patients, the small stomach pouch and the outlet that connects it to the small intestine stretch out. As a result, patients begin to eat more food before they feel full.

We offer qualified patients a safe and effective endoscopic procedure to repair your enlarged pouch and outlet to return them to their original Post-Gastric Bypass proportions. This procedure is performed using a small, flexible endoscope and specialized devices that allow sutures to be placed through the endoscope. The scope and suturing devices are inserted through the mouth into the stomach pouch, the same way as a standard endoscopy. Sutures are then placed around the outlet to reduce the diameter, typically about 10 mm. The same technique then may be used to place additional sutures in the stomach pouch to reduce its volume capacity. This is an outpatient procedure that takes about 45 minutes.

UI Health is one of the few centers in the country offering this procedure.