The Success and Failure of Bone Grafts

  • A few weeks to months after surgery sometimes the bone graft can become exposed. This is because of the active dental development that occurs and 'pushes' the graft before it becomes incorporated.
  • Sometimes a small chip of the bone graft may fall out. This is OK. There is excess bone placed. Continue to care for the site as above. 
  • Clean the area with a Q-tip soaked in warm salt water 2 to 3 times a day. This will help the mucosa to heal over it.  
  • Make an appointment to come see us when this happens. It is not urgent. 
  • The grafts primary purpose at this age is to support the adjacent teeth and to allow permanent teeth to come through the bone graft. 
  • The success rate is 95%+ for a one sided cleft and 85% for double sided cleft. 
  • But whether there is enough bone to support a dental implant that may be needed in adulthood cannot be predicted. That depends on the teeth development. 
  • Assess the outcome 8 to 12 months after the surgery with x-rays.  
  • Please continue to make regular appointments with me at 6 month intervals