Before Surgery

Appointment with our speech pathologist to assess the need for surgery and the need for studies such as nasoendoscopy (small camera is placed through the nose and mouth to look at how the palate moves). 

Contact Information 

Please make sure we have the correct mobile phone number so that we can reach you. 

Surgery Scheduling 

The surgery date will be arranged by our surgery scheduling staff. Please make sure we have your correct phone number.

Oral and Nasal Care

Surgery inside the mouth can carry an increased risk of infection. Please make sure your child brushes his/her teeth and gums three times a day. Please also start using a salt water nasal rinse. This will help keep the nose clean before the surgery and help with the healing of the nasal tissue or lining after the surgery. This ideally needs to be done twice a day.

Right Before the Surgery 

You will have a Preoperative Appointment with the surgeon, the speech pathologist and the nursing staff to go over the details of the surgery and hospitalization.   

Please have the history and physical form completed by your primary care doctor  two weeks before the surgery. Please make sure your doctor faxes the form to our office.

Go over UI Health Pre-Anesthesia Guidelines
Please follow feeding instruction per Anesthesia. The surgery may be canceled and rescheduled if the guidelines are not followed. Clear liquid is acceptable 2 hours before the time of arrival to the hospital.

You will get a phone call from the SurgiCenter nurse reviewing the instructions and time of arrival to the hospital and time of surgery.  Also you may call between 2:00pm and 4:00pm the business day before surgery at 312-413-7874.

Please have your child take a shower or a bath. The night before the surgery, use antibacterial soap. Please have your child brush his or her teeth the night before the surgery and the morning of surgery. We want to minimize the infection.

Please arrive to the hospital early. Please beware of traffic, construction and weather conditions.

If your baby shows early signs of illness, please call 312-413-7874 immediately. Surgery may need to be rescheduled because of the increased risks from anesthesia. The signs we are concerned about include: cough, fever, colds, diarrhea, vomiting, unusual fatigue.