Anaplastology/Facial & Ocular Prosthetics

Rosemary Seelaus, Sr. Anaplastologist, is showing the patient a 3D printed model of his orbital. This will be used to fabricate his orbit prosthesis.
Rosemary Seelaus, Sr. Anaplastologist, is showing the patient a 3D
printed model of his orbital. This will be used to fabricate his orbit prosthesis."

Reconstructive surgery is not always possible to restore the appearance and function of the natural anatomy. In these cases, removable facial and ocular prostheses are used.

External facial prosthetic devices are custom-made for each patient, can be worn daily, and often require removal each night for cleaning. With regular wear, prostheses need to be replaced on a regular, periodic basis. Regular checkups and annual clinic visits allow your clinical anaplastologist to monitor the progress of your prosthesis so that it can be adjusted or replaced, as needed. Each individual patient is unique, and each patient’s prosthesis requires individualized, custom care.

If you, or someone you know would benefit from our highly-specialized anaplastology services, please contact us to schedule a visit.

Our Anaplastology Team

Anaplastologists are healthcare professionals who combine art and science with design and engineering concepts to make high-quality acrylic and silicone prostheses, such as prosthetic noses, prosthetic eye/ocular, ear reconstruction, and ear prosthetic ears.

The anaplastologists at the Craniofacial Center are experts in designing and fitting facial and ocular prosthetics. With a long history of fitting implant-retained (osseointegrated) facial prostheses, our specialists use the most advanced technologies to plan, design, and fabricate high-quality prosthetic devices. As a clinical site for initial FDA clinical trials to bring craniofacial implant technology to the United States, the Maxillofacial Clinic at the Craniofacial Center has long been considered one of the leading centers in the world for facial prosthetic reconstruction.

Anaplastologists are part of the comprehensive craniofacial team and work closely together with surgeons, nurses, dentists (maxillofacial prosthodontists), psychologists, hearing specialists (audiologists), technologists, and engineers to develop the best plan for each patient. Working together in one clinic, our anaplastologists can easily make referrals to other specialists to address your individualized needs and can arrange for you to see multiple specialists on the same day or even at the same time.

The clinical anaplastologists at The Craniofacial Center are experts in the most advanced digital methods, including virtual surgical planning, 3D digital scanning; computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) prosthetic design; computerized skin-color matching; and 3D printing.

With their advanced knowledge of technology and clinical experience, our specialists define treatment plans to best meet the specific, individual needs of each patient.

What to Know About Facial Prostheses

Facial prostheses are custom-designed and fitted for each individual patient. Each person is unique in appearance and in daily routines and activities. What is important for day-to-day living with a prosthetic device is different for each person. Our anaplastologists will listen carefully to your needs to understand your goals of facial prosthetic treatment, and they will customize the design of your prosthesis and your treatment to best meet these goals. We will work with you as a team toward your full rehabilitation.

Getting Started on Facial Prostheses

Every patient starts with a consultation with one of our clinical anaplastologists. During your consultation visit, the anaplastologist will explain everything you need to know related to your treatment options. There are many things to consider regarding facial prosthetic care. We want you to be well-informed, so that you and your family can make the best choice for you.

Schedule a Consultation with an Anaplastologist

To request a consultation with an anaplastologist at The Craniofacial Center, please call 312.996.7546, and our of our scheduling specialists can assist you in setting up an appointment. If you have never been to our facility before, they may direct you to our central registration to become registered as a patient before scheduling your appointment. Be prepared with a pen and paper to collect the information you may need.

"Losing my ear at 18 was traumatizing, and it was tough to accept it as reality. However, it became easier with each day as my prosthesis was being designed. Every step was explained to me in a knowledgeable and understandable way, allowing me to feel more comfortable with the process. I was shown pictures and models to help me envision my own prosthesis, and to help me understand the process of placing my implants. The whole team treated me with such kindness and compassion. Their guidance and support during that difficult time enabled me to accept the loss of my ear and be OK with it. After countless appointments over the last 15 years, my providers at The Craniofacial Center are like my family. I don't know what my life would be like if it wasn't for this amazing group of people. I will forever be grateful. Thank You!" -Chrisele, Chicago, Illinois, 2017