Robotic Surgery Benefits

UI Health was the first designated Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery in the United States. Our surgeons are renowned pioneers in robotic surgery and were the first in the world to perform dozens of robotic procedures.

Today, UI Health is a global destination for patients requiring the most advanced interventions for complex diseases and cancers of the colon, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas, and stomach.

Brian Schoenborn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but a robotic Whipple procedure at UI Health saved his life.]

Brian Schoenborn was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but a robotic procedure at UI Health saved his life.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

As one of the most advanced robotic surgery programs in the world, UI Health is recognized for excellence in safety, efficacy, and efficiency in performing minimally invasive procedures.

There are numerous benefits to having a robotic procedure over traditional open surgery.

Smaller Incisions
The surgical tools used in robotic surgery are much smaller than those used in open surgery. Smaller incisions mean less blood loss and less trauma during the procedure, meaning reduced postoperative pain and minimal scarring.  

Fewer Complications
A larger wound has an increased risk of developing infection - and the rate of complications increases with the size of the wound. The incidence of wound infections is dramatically reduced in robotic surgery.  

Shorter Hospital Stays, Faster Recoveries
Because of smaller surgical wounds and reduced trauma, the recovery period with robotic surgery is much shorter than with open surgery, so you can return home and quickly return to your daily activities.  

Start Cancer Treatments Sooner
Robotic surgery provide novel, minimally invasive methods for treating solid organ tumors and cancers - but some patients still require additional treatment, such as chemotherapy. Because of the faster recovery period and the reduced risk of complications, we have observed that patients that need further cancer treatments have the ability to start those treatments earlier than patients who have undergone open surgery.

A Commitment to Minimally Invasive, Robotic Surgery

At UI Health, we are dedicated to providing the best treatments with the best outcomes to every patient. Our focus on robotic surgery ensures patients will get the treatment they need — with superior outcomes and faster recoveries.  

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