Urologic Cancer Program

Early Detection Saves Lives - Prostate CancerThe Department of Urology at UI Health offers the most advanced diagnostics and therapies available for urologic cancers, including open and laparoscopic surgery, robot-assisted surgery, radiation therapy (IGRT and IMRT), chemotherapy and combination therapies, and newer technologies including therapies only available in clinical trials. On this page, we discuss our treatments for Urological disorders including Prostate Cancer, Renal Cancer/Kidney Tumor, Bladder Cancer, and Testicular Cancer.

Advanced Treatment for Prostate Cancer

During an annual physical, Loren Kramer learned he had both an enlarged prostate and an elevated PSA level. A biopsy showed early-stage prostate cancer.

When deciding on treatment options, Loren chose the Robotic Surgery Program at UI Health, which is the only program in Chicago and one of the few in the country to utilize the Single Port Robotic System for urologic surgical procedures — which allows for surgical access through a single, small incision.

Just a few weeks after surgery, Loren was back to living his life. Says Loren: “I’m thrilled to be sitting here to say thank you to UI Health and Dr. Crivellaro because … I feel 99% of where I was — and best of all, I’m cancer-free!”

Urologic & Prostate Cancer Doctors and Specialists


The Prostate Cancer team features a comprehensive team of surgeons, urologists, nurse practitioners and patient coordinators dedicated to providing personalized care for cancers of the prostate. Through screening, specialized technologies, and minimally invasive surgery, they develop individual treatment plans for each patient.

Renal Cancer & Kidney Tumor

The Renal Cancer & Kidney Tumor team of expert urologists, surgeons, and nurses screens and treats malignant conditions in the kidney area using state-of-the-art technologies and minimally invasive surgical equipment.

Bladder Cancer

The Bladder Cancer team provides care and treatment through minimally invasive surgical techniques, specialized technologies and the expertise of a comprehensive healthcare team to provide personal care to every patient. 

Testicular Cancer

The Testicular Cancer team offers inclusive, compassionate care with a patient-focused healthcare team that features urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, and patient coordinators.

Our Team

Our Urology team consists of world-renowned physicians who are leaders in their field. Our faculty and staff are committed to preserving dignity and providing the highest level of compassionate, comprehensive, patient-centered urological care. Our experienced team of physicians and nurses utilizes state-of-the-art medical and surgical techniques to treat patients with urological conditions. By working closely with the patient's medical team in a multidisciplinary approach and by using a healing touch, our medical and nursing staff exhibits the compassion all patients deserve.